My EP called Stages Of Love is an exploration of the 5 Stages of Love through 5 love songs. This EP is out now. Psychologists tell us that there are 5 Stages of Love that a lot of couples go through.


Stage 1: Attraction. It can be a physical attraction, an emotional or mental connection, or just a vague feeling of familiarity with someone even though you might not have known them a long time. A feeling that they 'fit'. This for many - is a lovely stage, although fear of rejection can take prime place! The Stakes Are High.

Stage 2: Connection. You decide to become a couple. For all the fears and excitement that might be there, you decide it is worth the risk, and you become exclusive to each other. To begin with, a lot of couples have those those heady days of thinking each other are perfect and wonderful. You think of them and think - yes they can Hold My Heart.

Stage 3: Irritation. You start to see cracks - notice faults - and the worst bit is, they see your faults too! And some of those faults you hadn't even noticed in yourself! The person you are with starts to become really annoying and you wonder why on earth you are with them - and yet you still feel you are bonded together. You can't live with them - but could you live without them? If you suspect they are looking to finish things, you might defensively think it's Fine With Me. 

Stage 4: Re-connection. After maybe quite a tumultuous phase, you realise that maybe they are worth being with after all. Except now your eyes are open. You know the good and the bad! You forgive, argue, forgive, argue and forgive again. But maybe there is still an eye on the back door escape route? But you know deep down, they have become your person. Who Do I Go To?

Stage 5: Commitment. This final stage you might think is on the wedding day, but actually that decision to commit through good or bad can happen anytime - before or after marriage, or not involving marriage at all - because it is a decision of the heart. To stick together no matter what. You are Still Here.

Stages Of Love